(According to the existing regulations,valid for the in-service teachers,participant registration time :from 20:45 to 21:00 )

During the exhibition there will be evening openings that organized by the teachers of the Liceo Botta of Ivrea, partner of Artev.

The activity is held at 21:00, near the chapel of Sant’Anna of Azegio (via Calcinaria ). Free entrance until full up.

Silvio Ricciardone

17th October Wednesday 21:00

“War only hygiene of the world”:

the Futurism and the first conflict in the world


Daniela Fisanotti

19th October Friday 21:00

Giuseppe Ungaretti and the poems of The First World War



Orso Maria Piavento

26th October Friday 21:00

The mourning and memory,iconographies of the memorial of the fallen soldiers


 Laura Grossi

31st October Wednesday 21:00

The road of the Grande Meaulnes


Giovanni Villari

7th November 21:00

The relation between Italy and Albania during The First World War


Davide Mindo

10th November Saturday 21:00

The other side of the barbed wire fence – voices and moods of The First World War


Grazia Caresio

14th November Wednesday 21:00

Poets of Battle Of Britain (War Poets): sounds and images from the trenches



最后的前线 1918-2018



副作用: 战壕里的会议

(根据现行法规,对在册教师有效,与会者登记时间: 20:45 至 21:00 )


展览期间将有在晚上举行的学术交流会,由伊夫雷亚Botta高中的老师主持。交流会计划在21:00开始,在阿泽利奥的Sant’Anna 小礼堂附近(via Calcinaria  )进行。免费进场,满座为止。


Silvio Ricciardone

10月17日 周三 21:00




Daniela Fisanotti

10月19日 周五 21:00

Giuseppe Ungaretti 和第一次世界大战诗集



Orso Maria Piavento

10月26日 周五 21:00




Laura Grossi

10月31日 周三 21:00

Grande Meaulnes之路


Giovanni Villari

11月7日 周三21:00



Davide Mindo

11月10日周六 21:00

铁丝网的另一边  –  第一次世界大战的声音和情绪


Grazia Caresio

11月14日周三 21:00

英国战争诗集: 来自战壕的声音和画面







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